Austin Sustainable Swap

For Micro-Farmers, Crafters, & generally Skilled Folk

So What exactly IS Sustainable Swap?

It's a meeting space where folks can gather and exchange home-grown produce, home-made crafts, as well as skills and services. 


It's an educational space, for individuals or groups to voluntarily share free workshops and classes to those interested in learning.

It's a space for raising awareness; for local non-profit organizations to educate us on how they contribute to our local community, and how we may--in return--help them to succeed.

It's a place for folk to gather and exchange: ideas, plan projects, plant seeds, and gather each other--as resources.  Because when we work together, we can accomplish so much.

It's a place to let go of the tools or objects you no longer need: clothes,shoes,toys,books,excess supplies...and trade them out for ones that are new, to you, and may serve you better, now.

It's a space to play, and dance, and hoop, and spin. 


Want to Participate?  Apply HERE!

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 Every 3rd Saturday of the month, hosted by your fabulous & locally owned

located at 2401 E. 6th St. 78702 

 From 12:00 p.m.-    4:00 p.m.

You're welcome to stay till a lil bit after Hot Mama's Cafe closes @ 6:00 pm; last call for food/beverages is at 5:45 p.m....mmmmmm, Mama!

The A.S.S. breaks for summer, & is back again in September!

The last Swap of the Spring happens every June. 

The 10th Monthly Sustainable Swap: 

October 19th!

Reduce your stuff, reuse someone else's stuff, and recycle stuff into other stuff--because there's plenty of stuff out there without needing to buy more.

  Got wares to share, skills to exhibit?  Bring them!  Like flow arts?  Come out and play!  Garden overflowing with veggies? Bring your excess to share!

Clear out your clutter, reorganize your life, and bring the old stuff to the swap, either to trade, or to donate to SafePlace & Treasure City Thrift.  

We are always accepting donations for SafePlace every month!  And books, too, please, for children, teens, and adults.

Join us!



Are you interested in securing a space to set up your table, and make some trades for stuff or services that you may need or want?  Swapping dollars is also acceptable; we encourage bartering as much as possible, but sometimes money is all people have to give in exchange, and you most definitely can take it(note that as a vendor, you are responsible for all sales, taxes, and income taxes, etc, etc, etc).

See our "Reserve Your Space" page for more information and to contact us. 

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