It was an interesting 3 years.


Thanks to all the folks who participated!

After 3 years, the Swap is taking an indefinite break.


Maybe it will come back...maybe...


What IS  a Sustainable Swap?

It's a meeting space where folks can gather and exchange home-grown produce, home-made crafts, as well as skills and services. 


It's an educational space, for individuals or groups to voluntarily share free workshops and classes to those interested in learning.


It's a space for raising awareness; for local non-profit organizations to educate us on how they contribute to our local community, and how we may--in return--help them to succeed.


It's a place for folk to gather and exchange: ideas, plan projects, plant seeds, and gather each other--as resources.  Because when we work together, we can accomplish so much more than we can individually.


It's a place to let go of the tools or objects you no longer need: clothes,shoes,toys,books,excess supplies...and trade them out for ones that are new, to you, and may serve you better, now.


And it's 100% FREE 4 All! 


Now Make It Happen

You can do this in Your Community!

All it takes is a few people sharing the same vision, willing to work together and devote a few hours and some energy each month... 

or quarterly, or bi-annually, or yearly....

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