The 3rd Saturday of the Month, September-May

 at  Cherrywood Coffeehouse

   1400 E. 38th 1/2 St. 


A FREE community event for all ages, come out and enjoy a few hours with friends, while we practice sustainability through re-use (redistribution of goods/stuff), sharing skills (learning is awesome!), and trading home-grown veggies and plants.   The more folks participate, the merrier!

April 18th, 2015  


We may see you May! 

The April Swap is cancelled.  Enjoy the buckets of rain pouring from the sky, filling our waterways and aquifers!

-*- * -*-

Thank you for participating; thank you for sharing.

The Austin Sustainable Swap is growing, all ways;  in the spirit of building community, as well as fostering the sharing and exchange of knowledge. 

Have you seen "Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory" yet?  It's a lovely documentary that will tell you (indirectly) about the Music & Memory iPod drive.  We are collecting gently used & new iPods (Shuffles are preferred), as well as iTunes gift cards;  they will be sent to elder care facilities to provide music therapy to folks with dementia, Alzheimer's, and other cognitive disorders.   There is a donation box at Cherrywood Coffeehouse, near the bookcase. Learn more here!

Community Teachers!  Please join us!  Share your mental wares with us, just a taste--so we can explore what we would like to learn, from you, more in depth.  Collecting e-mails of prospective students is heartily approved!

Tinkerers, Makers, Crafters--bring out what you do, and inspire others to create!  You may barter or sell what you have, or give it away as gifts, if it so pleases you.  We only ask that you please share a skill in the form of a demonstration or class. 

We're using the stage as the area to collect stuff.  The "General Swap" stage is there to re-distribute the still usable things that you no longer need to the folks who may, and the remaining goods will be donated to SafePlace.  

We have a special emphasis this year on the Parenting Tools;  1/2 of all the items collected will be kept to stay in available rotation, with the other 1/2 being donated to SafePlace. 

And on the Micro-Farmers Swap !  Gardeners of all scales are welcome to bring their excess to share/swap/sell, as well as seedlings, seeds, and whatever else you'd like to bring to the event.


Are you interested in securing a space to set up your table, and make some trades for stuff or services that you may need or want?  Swapping dollars is also acceptable; we encourage bartering as much as possible, but sometimes money is all people have to give in exchange, and you most definitely can take it(note that as a seller, you are responsible for all sales, taxes, and income taxes, etc, etc, etc).


See our "Reserve Your Space" page for more information and to contact us. 


What IS  a Sustainable Swap?

It's a meeting space where folks can gather and exchange home-grown produce, home-made crafts, as well as skills and services. 


It's an educational space, for individuals or groups to voluntarily share free workshops and classes to those interested in learning.


It's a space for raising awareness; for local non-profit organizations to educate us on how they contribute to our local community, and how we may--in return--help them to succeed.


It's a place for folk to gather and exchange: ideas, plan projects, plant seeds, and gather each other--as resources.  Because when we work together, we can accomplish so much more than we can individually.


It's a place to let go of the tools or objects you no longer need: clothes,shoes,toys,books,excess supplies...and trade them out for ones that are new, to you, and may serve you better, now.


And it's 100% FREE 4 All! 



Cherrywood Coffeehouse

1400 E. 38th 1/2 St. 78722

Cherrywood Coffeehouse offers a full menu of delicious coffees and teas; locally brewed beers; excellent wines; as well as a tasty selection of eats--real food, made fresh!

There's the Weekend Brunch every Saturday (& Sunday!) from 10-3, and free music out back on the stage after 5 pm;  come early for brunch, stay later for live music and dinner noms.

There's so much to try on the menu, you'll have to keep coming back to taste all the deliciousness to be had!


Every 3rd Saturday from 12-4 pm

Would you like to set up a table and show us what you've got to share?

Enter your info HERE!

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